Using the SpotBugs Gradle Plugin — spotbugs 4.1.4

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Gradle sourceSets are logical groupings of related files. Configurations are groupings of related dependencies. Using both, we can create some neat build configurations. A SourceSet represents a logical group of Java source and resource files. They are covered in more detail in the user manual. The following example shows how you can configure the 'main' source set, which in this case involves excluding classes whose package begins 'some.unwanted.package' from compilation of the source files in the 'java' SourceDirectorySet: 使用gradle编译项目时,若指定了测试目录,则进行gradle build时会在编译完成后自动执行gradle test任务。 sourceSets { main { java.srcDirs = ['src'] } test { java.srcDirs = ['test'] } } test { include '**/Test*.class' exclude '**/TestDataFetchers.class' } 但是如果我不想build时自动执行测试,而是手动执行测试呢?我可不想在生产环境 This is a simple gradle build script that has an intTest source set in addition to the main and test source sets: apply plugin: "java" sourceSets { // Note that just declaring this sourceset creates two configurations. intTest { java { compileClasspath += main.output runtimeClasspath += main.output } } } configurations { intTestCompile Das Groovy basierte Buildtool Gradle ist mittlerweile in Eclipse integriert, doch gerade das Auflösen von Abhängigkeiten zu externen Bibliotheken erschließt sich einem nicht sofort - ein Grund für mich mal etwas dazu schreiben. Doch erst einmal zu meinen grundsätzlichen Anforderungen an ein Buildtool: Auflösen von Abhängigkeiten zu externen Bibliotheken in EclipseErstellen einer sourceSets with gradle kotlin DSL in grade 4.10rc. Related. 777. How can I force gradle to redownload dependencies? 498. Gradle DSL method not found: 'runProguard' 2. Gradle. Kotlin - is it possible to create dynamic (“on fly”) tasks? 4. Separate Gradle source set for integration tests using Kolin DSL. 6. Adding integration tests to Kotlin project using the Kotlin Gradle DSL . 5. Gradle Let's fix this in our Gradle configuration: sourceSets{ itest { compileClasspath += sourceSets.main.output runtimeClasspath += sourceSets.main.output java { } } } // dependencies declaration configurations { itestImplementation.extendsFrom(testImplementation) itestRuntimeOnly.extendsFrom(testRuntimeOnly) } Now let's rerun our integration test: $ ./gradlew clean itest > Task :source-sets:itest This is only a reproducer mostly taken from gradle documentation examples. I tried to keep things as minimal as possible to highlight what I think is a bug, without going into details of why we run into this. The salient point for me is that it does work with the 'java' plugin, but this might be a conscious design choice. If so, I did not find it documented. Copy link Author mkmaier commented This Gradle Plugin generates task for each sourceSet generated by Gradle Java Plugin. For instance, if you have two sourceSets main and test, this plugin will generates two tasks: spotbugsMain and spotbugsTest. Generated tasks uses compiled .class files as input, so it will run after java compilation runs (e.g. classes task). SpotBugs Gradle Plugin adds task dependency from check to these From mobile apps to microservices, from small startups to big enterprises, Gradle helps teams build, automate and deliver better software, faster. Write in Java, C++, Python or your language of choice. Package for deployment on any platform. Go monorepo or multi-repo. And rely on Gradle's

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What is Blockchain - YouTube

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